About DIU Alumni Association (DIUAA)

With the initiative of some of the former students of Daffodil International University and subsequent consents of honorable Chairman, Board of Governors and Vice Chancellor of DIU an Ad hoc Committee was formed in a meeting of DIU Graduates (who were at employment at DIU) on September 7, 2008. The members of the Committee were selected among the Graduates of DIU who were serving as Faculty and Officers at this university. The main responsibility of the Committee was to hold a successful gala gathering of all the Graduates of DIU (the Graduates of the 1st and the 2nd Convocation) to launch the association forming an Executive Committee. All the preparatory works and documentations (including DIUAA Constitution) for forming an effective association have been done before that gathering. This Ad hoc Committee was discontinued just after the formation of Executive Committee of DIUAA on a selection session in the presence of all members of the association on that day of gathering.

The Association is dedicated to helping the students of DIU and the worthy members in this association with special projects and activities. Moreover, all the alumni, being under one umbrella, are working with DIU to assist the university in getting the apex of quality higher learning. This Association is for making a Quality Cycle- where an entry could make a man polished, a real touchstone. Simultaneously, it is for making a garden where all the daffodils will outdo the odds and maladies of the society in glee.

Daffodil International University held 10 successful Convocations and 40,000+ Graduates are working in their professional life and many of them holding important positions in a diverse category of organizations; many are pursuing their career abroad. The Daffodil International University Alumni Association brings all the graduates under one community. We believe that this network of graduates will act as a strong platform to share upholding the noble objective to foster the professional and intellectual growth of DIU graduates. Moreover, its activities will include donations of various kinds, relief work during natural calamities, arranging fund-raising events, sustainable contributions to poverty alleviation such as providing training and micro scale capital to micro scale entrepreneurs etc. On doing these activities this Association will establish Unity, Compassion and Brotherhood among the graduates in a ground full of assistance and cooperation. It will work together for our betterment and for the betterment of the nation.